Recommended Experts

Personally I think it’s pretty hard to find real M3 experts. Many claim to be - but are not, at least to my standards. I admit to be somewhat demanding, but when 3.rate parts are used, torque specifications not met, weldings poorly prepared and made, defects not found etc. I am out. Not my M3! Others may be less demanding.

For the same reasons it’s not easy to judge who is “in” and who is “out”. The best I can do here is to base the recommendations on my own experience and on people I trust.

The guy on the picture is one I trust. He is old school – but so am I.

For some services proximity is secondary to expertise and trust – even if distance is considerable.

You are welcome to contribute. Use the contact form.

  • Europe
  • Denmark
    • Bayern AutoGroup Aarhus [general service and repair]

      This company is an official BMW representative; however it qualifies through being M-certified and having a seasoned guy like André van der Burg working at the workshop floor. Contacts go via Foreman Casper Balslev Larsen. Both have helped me highly professionally.

  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
    • Redish Motorsport, Bristol [specialists in M3]

      Frankly I haven’t got a first-hand impression yet. However I have a booking on September 5th 2022 for my own M3. It’s due for a RACP underside repair procedure among other things. Redish has a solid experience in these matters and an excellent reputation. Their scope of service covers most aspects of M3 – except a dedicated paint shop. My M3 will have RACP underside repair, rear end restoration, differential rebuild, new coil overs and possibly a vanos overhaul.  
      It’s quite a distance for me to drive to Bristol from Denmark to get the work done – but you can take it as an expression of trust in Redish’ expertise and work quality.
      I’ll let you know the details when I get the car back.

      OBS! This didn’t AT ALL go as planned. Redish did not honor the agreed appointment. More details will follow.

  • USA
  • xxx
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      This company.....

  • More to come....