BMW M3 Exclusive

The site for BMW E46 M3 enthusiasts


This web-site intends to serve owners and potential owners of BMW E46 M3 exclusively. Naturally interested car enthusiasts may visit the site freely, but the intention is to restrict the subjects to relating to BMW E46 M3 exclusively

The objective is to facilitate data, experiences, problem-solving, repair - & maintenance knowledge, spare part sources, specialist workshops etc. to BMW E46 M3 community – no matter where on the Globe he or she may live and drive.

Naturally it will take some time to build the web-site to a reasonable level – and to spread the knowledge of its existence. But have patience – good things are worth waiting for.

The site will be independent, neutral and as objective as possible. Dealers, suppliers of spare parts and workshops will be recommended if, and only if, they represent quality and expertise. We all know that quite a lot of people, dealers and shops claim to be “experts” on E46 M3. We also know that only a fraction of these actually are and really know what they are talking about.

Links to interesting sites and videos, including YouTube, will be used extensively – but only if the content is serious.

Naturally I accept no responsibility for any errors that may occur – but will - of course - try to the best of my ability to avoid descriptions and references to anything incorrect or dangerous.

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