15 How To - Electrical System

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This section will deal with the various electrical switches, sensors, modules etc. If some electrical issues are dealt with elsewhere there will be cross references.

Fuse Box

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Cruise Control

The functions of cruise control are built into the Central electronics of the car. The controls are in the multifunction steering wheel, however two switches play a central role: The clutch switch and the brake switch.

The clutch switch sits directly at the clutch pedal. It is pressed into its position and can be pulled out easily.
OBS: The original version of the clutch switch was replaced by BMW at some point of time with a version with the number 35 42 6 876 898. This version DOES NOT allow the cruise control to work.

According to a source the 898 is made for non-M cars and at one point BMW superseded the 700 part number with this 898 one because the 700 one was nla (no longer available). As of 2021-2022 they have now begun making the 700 part number ones again which is M specific. The 898 one is looking for +12v while the 700 M specific one is looking for ground.

Part 61 31 9 122 700 lets the cruise control work as intended.

If you have a failing cruise control, the first you should do is to replace the clutch switch with part 61 31 9 122 700.

The brake switch sits directly at the brake pedal. It sits in a holder which comes with the switch as part of number 61 31 6 967 601. When replacing the switch you need not to take out the holder. Just press the sides of the holder and the switch can be pulled out.
The brake switch is adjustable in the holder. When installing the brake switch you need to position it correctly (sufficiently downwards) in order to let it function as intended (it senses nearness to the pedal).
You can check the position by checking that the rear brake light is activated as soon as you press the brake pedal a little.

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Steering Angle Sensor

See under 12 How to – Steering

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