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Exhaust Flanges

For some strange reason, BMW made a great and durable

exhaust system with horrible flanges.

The flanges simply corrode away way too fast. The rest of
the exhaust system is fine and durable.

When the flanges are too corroded, there are some options.
First the bad ones: As seen on the picture to the right, an
option is to “repair” by welding the remains and/or a nut to
the tubing. This is not recommendable – however it’s still
possible to repair properly. Another “option” is to weld the
tubing of the back box together with the middle section –
possibly adding some regular steel piece of piping. This is
worse than an amateur job because it’s very difficult to
restore (if at all possible) without replacing both the back
box and the middle section.

At first look the original flanges cannot be exchanged
(without welding) since the flanges sit “behind” the coned
ends of the piping.

But don’t despair. A British company by the name X8R has
designed some smart clamps/flanges – and sells them.

Follow this link to

X8R’s Repair Kit Install Fitting Guide Instructions

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